The Truth Behind Engagement Rings?

I’m not sharing this link becuase I’m against engagement rings at all. I believe everyone is free to do as they please and to have whatever opinion they choose to have. I think that an engagement ring, just like any other piece of jewelry, is very personal and therefore a person should never be judged for their decisions or for whatever they choose to do with their jewelry, like the saying goes “to each their own”.

But with that being said, I also think that everyone should read this article and be informed about where the idea of engagement rings came from. After reading this article I did feel like I was part of a big scam. Definitely changed my mind about DeBeers.

I also just want to mention that I didn’t write this article and therefore don’t know if the sources are 100% accurate (haven’t checked them). But because this isn’t the first time I’ve heard about it (I have heard about this from reliable sources) I know that the general idea is true.



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