Lydia Courteille is the Top of the Top and Over the Top


What can I say… Jaw dropping, over the top, one of a kind designs. Lydia Courteille is a designer with a store in Paris; I’ve had the opportunity to go there with my mom because she bought a couple pieces from her and that is why I know of her as well. She is one of the most creative designers whose things I’ve actually had the opportunity to see and try on. The gemstones she chooses for her pieces are the top of the top. I think that her pieces are so special and unique that they are exceptionally precious. I hope that a Lydia Courteille piece one day becomes part of my little treasure box of jewelry… Obviously not anytime soon unfortunately :(.

I’m going to post pictures of her jewelry here but if you love jewelry like I do, make sure you follow her on Instagram (lydiacourteille). The pieces she posts make my heart stop, she’s a great person to follow because her pieces are very entertaining.

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 d98c3909f52f92db476cdafbb13b7ff0    94e3a1da53d9400a4dddd6462dc0d0a8c578aa7531cbdcd13394f33120679576

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