Artisanal Jewelry by Wild Air & Co.


Wild Air & Co. is one of my most recent and priced discoveries. This jewelry brand is still small (they still only have a Facebook page from what I’ve seen) but with a bright future ahead of them, I know it because they are really talented. Their jewelry is handmade, and there is something so charming and special to me about jewelry that is still done by hand. I am getting more and more into artisanal jewelry and Wild Air & Co. is one of the coolest brands I’ve seen in that branch of jewelry.

Really great, special and simple designs! Also cheap.

They sell their stuff through Etsy. Check them out:

 ee25081c17555425de482b2e97d02bea  10514724_711258502281113_9030337134382910203_n

 1781990_805825872824375_2612850746529334556_n  143f6dcb67490a6e6c258d75a8e68f54

1391651_685541228186174_5560075193271293824_n  10374468_774150239325272_3434743572937027385_n

 51c9281742ea5405dcacf5d7b6f51e2b  10411815_781692168571079_7783950169424227901_n

 58e5d5420377de567da530670dd31d83  1016483_788252351248394_5839066945863635045_n


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