Caia Jewels by Chiara Ferragani from The Blonde Salad


Caia Jewels made a very cool collaboration with he famous blogger/designer Chiara Ferragani (her blog is The Blonde Salad). This is a very fun collection with a touch of gangster to it with the thick gold chain and the gold and silver teeth and lips. I really enjoyed it and it is very reasonably priced. My favorite pieces are the rings and bangles that say “VAFFANCULO” (Italian word basically meaning FUCK OFF) and the gold and silver lip bracelets.


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What’s in my Jewelry Box: NYC

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In this picture on my right hand (left to right) I am wearing a black diamond snake ring by Zoe Chicco (I think..), my Italian ring I wore last time with the same Tiffany’s Wedding Band underneath. On my left hand I am wearing a vintage Zuni ring from New Mexico, a mother pearl band and the Tiffany’s Metro pink ring.

I’ve been in NYC all week and I bought the vintage zuni ring while in Brooklyn!

Amazing designs by Joomi Lim

Joomi Lim makes great unique, chunky playful designs that help you make a statement.  What is great about these designs is the combination of materials and forms, from spheres and spikes, to crystals and pearls… it all just works. Like they say in their bio, they create the perfect balance “their jewels are hard yet soft, sweet but tough, punk yet glam-”.

There are pictures of their pieces featured in this post (all images via but make sure that you go to their Instagram account ( joomilim) so you can see their jewelry on people because it looks even better when worn.



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Mexican Designer: Dezso by Sara Beltran


Dezso is a brand by the Mexican designer Sara Beltran. Her jewelry is inspired by her greatest loves: the beach/ocean, Mexico and India. Her influences are clearly seen in her jewelry using the ocean and the beach as a theme and main in inspiration for her collections by adding shapes like shark fins, shells, and palm trees. You can see India in her work through the gemstones she chooses and the hand-work of the jewelry. Mexico as her influence is seen in her use of color and materials. I have a few of her Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetpieces and they are some of my favorite pieces in my jewelry box.

She is currently part of the CFDA Incubator (Council of Fashion Designers of America) therefore has her studio in New York amongst other CFDA Incubator designers. She lives between New York City and Jaipur, India which is where she makes most of her jewelry.

I got a chance to visit Sara at her studio in NYC and she showed me some of the things from previous collections as well as some of the things that she’s been working on for her next collections. Around her studio she has corals, shells, sea findings, palm tree images, India imagery and lots of books. Her style and inspiration is definitely transmitted in her studio, you feel like at the beach in the middle of New York City.

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Wooden Necklaces- Vintage Dezso, first pieces she ever made.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by The Coveteur


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is another one of my favorite models. I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s a model and everything looks  amazing on her, but I love her jewelry, her clothes and style. She has some of the best pieces of jewelry (in terms of young, relatively cheap jewelry, not Lydia Courteille expensive type jewelry). You can tell from her choices that she really likes jewelry.

I really don’t think I could’ve gotten a better insight of her jewelry and her closet better than The Coveteur (a great website) did, so here is a link to their post which gives you a great look inside Rosie’s closet.

 Rosie_Huntington_Whiteley-18  Rosie_Huntington_Whiteley-19



P.S. There are a lot of great posts about other celebrities’, designers’ and interesting people’s closets, don’t miss them.

(all images via The Coveteur)