A Must Know: Vanessa Arizaga


Vanessa Arizaga is a very cool designer. Her stuff is very whimsical and fun, as said in her website “Venessa’s collection has a modern urban aesthetic with an exotic island twist” (in the About section). Her bracelets, necklaces and earrings are very unique and I would wear most of all the pieces, but personally the rings are not my favorite. I think these pieces are very chic and trendy and will definitely give your outfit a little wow statement. My boyfriend gave me the pearl necklace with the bananas for christmas and I love it!

  545fcb5d2b4c918ae42ceaa7996b2479-1  VA7-2039_1024x1024

VA14-2024_1024x1024  VA12-2028_1024x1024

VA14-1005E_1024x1024    VA14-1021_7481df2a-7cf9-433f-a846-931fe36b7a4c_1024x1024

VA12-2100_1024x1024 VA12-1057_1024x1024

What’s also nice about this designer, that I haven’t seen in many other designers is the fact that she actually started a collection for men, Arizaga Mens. This collection stays true to her style and is worth checking out; I bought the “Shaka cuff links” for my brother for his birthday.

   AM1-2043AZ_grande   AM1-6002X_4d817beb-4b56-4e60-8a63-4014148507b3_grande

Make sure you visit her website and look at the rest of the pieces, it’s amazing and so many things are on SALE!!!


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