306-Carat Black Opal Part II

I previously wrote about this magnificent $3 million black opal. I saw this CNN video online and just wanted to share it with you. It is a video about the man who discovered the opal. It’s quite interesting and you can get a great view of the opal!


Mood Of The Day: Riri’s W Korea Shoot

Amazing Badgalriri for W Magazine Korea ❤


Rihanna did the covers of 3 W magazines this month but this picture is form the W Korea shoot. You have to see the rest of the shoots because they are breathtaking.

In this picture she is wearing Repossi White Noise Knuckle Ring and Pamela Love 5 Spike earrings.  She couldn’t look more perfect!

*Side note: I have to admit that I hadn’t seen the Repossi Knuckle Ring until now (shame on me, I know), and it is one of the most stunning pieces I’ve seen not only from Repossi but overall in jewelry. Beautiful design and craftsmanship*

16 Icons And Their Jewelry by Vogue FR


Great article by Vogue France. Great choice of icons and jewelry! They have jewelry from Grace Kelly to the Maharajah of Patiala. If I would have to choose best jewelry, I’m not sure who I would go for. In my opinion royal families normally have the best jewelry, it is the most decadent and rich of all, especially when it comes from a country like India.

What do you think? Whose jewelry would you like to have? Enjoy this great article!


 16_ic__nes_et_leurs_joailliers_stars_hollywoodiennes_bijoux_maria_felix_cartier_116879795_north_499x_white  16_ic__nes_et_leurs_joailliers_stars_hollywoodiennes_bijoux_elizabeth_taylor_bulgari_765104018_north_499x_white

(All images via Vogue France)

The Witty Designs Of Alison Lou


Love Jemima Kirke rocking Alison Lou!

Alison Lou is one of my favorite brands at the moment, the creative director and designer is Alison Chemla. Their designs are extremely fun and cheeky. From what I remember, Alison Lou became famous with her line of emoticon pieces. I remember I first saw her work on Man Repeller’s Instagram account about 3 years ago and I was dying for one of the necklaces. This emoticon series are necklaces, rings and bracelets featuring several icons from the phone’s emoticons. What I found really fascinating about this line is that it is a commentary to the change of a style of communication 719ca1afb60d6da728e9ec6b062528f8in modern society that has been brought forth by social media and technology. Now a days with the “lol”s and the “omg”s you can say so much with only three letters or a simple emoticon icon!

I think that Alison Lou’s emoticon line is not for everyone, it is for the people who understand her humor and wittiness. Like the poop face ring.. one of my favorites!

Alison Lou’s new line is the oysters, champagne and caviar designs that are only coming out this year. I talked about this line previously in another post. I can’t wait to see the pieces in real life, I’ve seen so many pictures already.

   7422ec60ff33e6ecf3720ff706a5a8a4 adb977ff1a12736402514793769ef047

I bought the bashful necklace and I wear it all the time, it is so easy to wear with other pieces and it really looks amazing… I always get compliments! She also has a series of  “Screw U” earrings and bracelets and I bought the earrings where it is a small screw with a sapphire on the tip for one ear and a “U” for the other side.


Check Alison Lou’s or Chunks of Coal’s Pinterest for more images of AL’s designs! I got all pictures from their Pinterest account.