Child of Wild


I’ve already spoken before about my obsession with native and tribal jewelry. Child of Wild is an online store that sources jewelry from many parts of the world. The pieces they have are the epitome of what I look for in tribal jewelry and they have both men and women’s pieces which are magnificently curated. They also designed really cool flash tattoos. Child of Wild has a an awesome concept, as they say in their website “Child of Wild pieces are heavily researched and inspired from historical art movements and cultural rituals and ideals”. The prices are high  but reasonable, this type of jewelry is not cheap but it is definitely worth the price. I already have my eye on a couple pieces that I can’t wait to buy!

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I highly recommend anyone who loves tribal and native jewelry to check them out ( You can also take a look at their stuff on Instagram (@child_of_wild). They have beautiful photography and esthetics, they create amazing stories to photograph their jewlery.

  Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

(I got all images via Child of Wild’s Piinterest )

Sparkling Away With Saressa Designs


Saressa Designs does beautiful and extremely affordable pieces with druzy quartz, she does use other gemstones as well but her druzy pieces are the ones I like the most. FYI druzy is basically the sparkling effect on top of the quartz. Druzy quartz is one of my favorite gemstones, just like moonstone and opal, the glittery aspect of the stone makes it seem a bit mystical. Her Agate Slice bracelets are also a must for me! Saressa’s designs are very rustic and simple, but elegant at the same time. What I really enjoy about these pieces is how the minimalistic approach makes the gemstone be the center of attention.

You can buy her things online or you can also buy them through the blog Preserve (love this blog!). Make sure you do take a look at the pieces; they are very beautiful and they really are not that expensive!


 saressa_druzy_pdp_3_1-1 saressa_earrings_8

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