Forestiere, simple inspiration


I recently discovered this Canadian brand called Forestiere designed by Sara K. MacLellan… Wow, I’m speechless. It is so great to encounter such fresh ideas at this moment in time when it is hard to find authentic uniqueness. What an incredible vision. Everything from their designs to the company’s core values is just AMAZING. I think the name in itself (Forestiere) makes understand that their main inspiration was nature and a passion for the world.

You can see the high quality in these hand-crafted, fibre based jewelry. The earthy and even pastel color tones makes these pieces a specific characteristic. One of the things that I love to see most about jewelry brands/designers is when they transmit their passion through the telling of their materials and the making of their products. Forestiere uses organic and ethically sourced materials in order to decrease their environmental impact.. How can you have so much awesomeness under one roof? I don’t know but here’s the proof that it can be done!

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In my opinion there isn’t anything better in design (in all types of design: jewelry, interior, graphic… etc) than simple and clean done elegantly and right. That is what Forestiere is all about. Even their beautiful and minimalist websites follows the style of their jewelry designs. What is even a bigger plus (at least for me) is that with simplicity in mind they have a hint of tribal jewlery.

I hadn’t written in a while because I hadn’t felt inspired until I found Forestiere. So I’m serious when I say it is worth taking a look at their company and their designs. Visit their website here:


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The India in Me

India is one of my ultimate inspirations. I love it because of its: history, culture, designs, patterns, colors, gemstones, and sense of beauty. In my opinion, Indian jewelry has one of the most special styles. Many pieces are hand-made therefore, the detail and the craftsmanship used, make them one-of-a-kind little treasures. A major plus about Indian jewelry is that a lot of the times it can look a bit more expensive than what they really are, so you can find very beautiful pieces for reasonable and decent prices!