I recently discovered this Mexican jewelry brand called Ishi. I believe the designer behind this amazing endeavor is Regina Barrios. Ishi works with local artisans in Mexico to create “amulets, pieces that carry the good vibes of the people that make them and the energy of the materials we use. Our goal is to create beautiful accessories that enrich our customers’ lives as well as to promote the professional and creative development of our artisans” (via their website You can see the intricate craftsmanship in their pieces; they are very raw and natural and that is why I think I’m so attracted to this brand. The materials used are simple.

In the last couple months I haven’t been able to stop myself and I’ve bought 2 different pieces and got 1 as a gift from a friend. This brand has a store in Mexico City, which I really love (only store I actually buy anything in, in Mexico) called Lago DF. They carry different clothing brands, but only Ishi jewelry. Everyone I take to the store falls in love with it immediately and they all leave with at least 1 piece of jewelry.

They have their jewelry all over the world. If interested checkout their stockists: or you can also follow them on IG

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Child of Wild


I’ve already spoken before about my obsession with native and tribal jewelry. Child of Wild is an online store that sources jewelry from many parts of the world. The pieces they have are the epitome of what I look for in tribal jewelry and they have both men and women’s pieces which are magnificently curated. They also designed really cool flash tattoos. Child of Wild has a an awesome concept, as they say in their website “Child of Wild pieces are heavily researched and inspired from historical art movements and cultural rituals and ideals”. The prices are high  but reasonable, this type of jewelry is not cheap but it is definitely worth the price. I already have my eye on a couple pieces that I can’t wait to buy!

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I highly recommend anyone who loves tribal and native jewelry to check them out ( You can also take a look at their stuff on Instagram (@child_of_wild). They have beautiful photography and esthetics, they create amazing stories to photograph their jewlery.

  Child of Wild x Flash Tattoos

(I got all images via Child of Wild’s Piinterest )

What’s New in the Jewelry World? J.Crew x Jennifer Fisher


Jennifer Fisher is one of the biggest names in the jewelry world at the moment, Sienna Miller just recently being spotted wearing one of her chokers. Jennifer Fisher does a lot of great sutff, mostly gold and mostly chunky! You can wear her jewerly a lot of times and never get tired of it, especially because you can mix it up with other pieces and therefore wear it in many different occasions in different ways.

Jennifer Fisher recently collaborated with J. Crew to do a line of fine jewelry. For this jewelry line “she’s designed a collection of 10-karat gold charms… that can be mixed and matched to create one-of-a-kind necklaces” as said on the J.Crew web-page. You can buy your choice of small or big 10K gold oval link chain to go with the charms.

J. Crew is a great brand who’s selection of both jewelry and fine jewelry is varied and the choices are very well curated… Great designers to choose from. Having Jennifer Fisher is a great plus for J. Crew because while J. Crew is known for being a bit more girly and conservative (in a way), Jennifer Fisher can bring a little bit of her cool and edgy demeanor to the brand and spice it up a bit.


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Check out the new line here (info, pictures and quote also via):

Making a Statement with Free People

Free People is not my kind of store really, but it’s the store where you can find one or two things to buy. One of the things that I really loved after looking at their online store was the chunky necklaces. I love tribal jewelry and these chunky necklaces have that sort of vibe. You can definitely make a statement with them. I think this could be a really cool christmas gift this year!

You can find them here:

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