Sparkling Away With Saressa Designs


Saressa Designs does beautiful and extremely affordable pieces with druzy quartz, she does use other gemstones as well but her druzy pieces are the ones I like the most. FYI druzy is basically the sparkling effect on top of the quartz. Druzy quartz is one of my favorite gemstones, just like moonstone and opal, the glittery aspect of the stone makes it seem a bit mystical. Her Agate Slice bracelets are also a must for me! Saressa’s designs are very rustic and simple, but elegant at the same time. What I really enjoy about these pieces is how the minimalistic approach makes the gemstone be the center of attention.

You can buy her things online or you can also buy them through the blog Preserve (love this blog!). Make sure you do take a look at the pieces; they are very beautiful and they really are not that expensive!


 saressa_druzy_pdp_3_1-1 saressa_earrings_8

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Khai Khai Jewelry


Khai Khai Jewerly is a line by Haim Medine. The way I found out about him and his jewelry line is through on of my favorite bloggers Man Repeller, a.k.a. Leandra Medine; Haim is Leandra’s brother. She always wears KK’s pieces and they look stunning, take a look at her manrepeller1Instagram (@manrepeller) or at Khai Khai Jewelry’s Instagram (@khaikhaijewlery).

 Khai Khai jewelry’s designs are creative and fun, and the materials used are expensive and tasteful. It is basically a high-end fine jewelry line, but aimed more to a “younger crowd”. However, because of their prices, their “younger crowd” is people who know about jewelry and love it enough to spend even a month’s pay on a single piece… In other words, I’m the perfect target!

Khai Khai’s jewelry is very beautiful. I haven’t bought anything yet but I really really want the Leo Zodiac Medallion made out of 18 K gold on a background of mother pearl with yellow sapphire and yellow and black diamonds!

  Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.53.56 AM

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 Check out more of Khai Khai Jewelry and other jewelry on the Chunks of Coal official Pinterest.

The Witty Designs Of Alison Lou


Love Jemima Kirke rocking Alison Lou!

Alison Lou is one of my favorite brands at the moment, the creative director and designer is Alison Chemla. Their designs are extremely fun and cheeky. From what I remember, Alison Lou became famous with her line of emoticon pieces. I remember I first saw her work on Man Repeller’s Instagram account about 3 years ago and I was dying for one of the necklaces. This emoticon series are necklaces, rings and bracelets featuring several icons from the phone’s emoticons. What I found really fascinating about this line is that it is a commentary to the change of a style of communication 719ca1afb60d6da728e9ec6b062528f8in modern society that has been brought forth by social media and technology. Now a days with the “lol”s and the “omg”s you can say so much with only three letters or a simple emoticon icon!

I think that Alison Lou’s emoticon line is not for everyone, it is for the people who understand her humor and wittiness. Like the poop face ring.. one of my favorites!

Alison Lou’s new line is the oysters, champagne and caviar designs that are only coming out this year. I talked about this line previously in another post. I can’t wait to see the pieces in real life, I’ve seen so many pictures already.

   7422ec60ff33e6ecf3720ff706a5a8a4 adb977ff1a12736402514793769ef047

I bought the bashful necklace and I wear it all the time, it is so easy to wear with other pieces and it really looks amazing… I always get compliments! She also has a series of  “Screw U” earrings and bracelets and I bought the earrings where it is a small screw with a sapphire on the tip for one ear and a “U” for the other side.


Check Alison Lou’s or Chunks of Coal’s Pinterest for more images of AL’s designs! I got all pictures from their Pinterest account.

What’s New in the Jewelry World? Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Repossi

 Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.35.59 PM

Repossi came out with their new, limited edition, Valentine’s Day line today. Everything is fuschia! I’m not sure what I think of it yet, I feel I have to see it in person or see it on someone to have a better judgment on it. For now I like the Antifer heart ring, the Antifer two row round ring and the Serti sur Vide ring.

I think very high of Repossi. I believe that for a jewelry lover/ collector to have a full collection they must have at least one Repossi piece in their collection. But, with that being said I think that buying a Valentine’s Day Repossi is not so worth it. The reason why I say this is because although a few pieces of their new line are indeed very cool, the color is not easy to match and it is a color that you can get easily tired of. With the price of a Repossi ring reaching and exceeding an average of $3,000 a piece (depending on the ring obviously) I doubt you want to get tired of it or never be able to wear it!

  Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.35.36 PM   Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.32.01 PM

If you’re considering buying, I would personally go classic with a pink gold, black gold (black rhodium) or yellow gold.

The Brilliance of Victoire de Castellane


The words that come to mind when I think of Victoire de Castellane are nothing but complimentary: brilliant, sophisticated creative and avant-garde. Victoire de Castellane is a French jewelry designer whose career success is defined in her named, victorious. She 3da3c873c7950afc853533d05e24ae4astarted working alongside Karl Lagerfield in Chanel overseeing the costume jewelry design (1984-1998), but then moved to her still current job as the creative director of the Dior’s fine jewelry line in 1998 when Dior’s CEO Arnault anounced the innaguration of Dior Joaillerie. If that was still not enough, Castellane also had two exhibitions of her work at some of the most prestigious art galleries, Gagosian Gallery, in NY, London and Paris. 4a82ae92750fc83a5ef1e7a7f94f2e33

Castellane’s success is definitely well deserved, her love for jewelry is clearly transmitted in her work in both her own Victoire de Castellane brand and Dior Joaillerie. Her jewelry is big, it makes you look twice but it is also art and beauty in one. The detail in every piece is intricate and carefully designated. One of my favorite collections was the 2009 collection of “Kings and Queens” with skulls of different colored gem stones and designs.


What is different about Dior Joaillerie to other jewelers in the business is the importance they give to the story behind the design, the designer and the creation. They see it as a master piece, a work of art. I’ve been to so many jewelry web sites in my life and what I normally see is the jewelry piece/pieces, the price and maybe, if I’m lucky, the name of the piece, and a tiny description of what it is or the materials used. Thus making my jewelry experience a very materialistic and inspiration-less one. Where as in Dior it is the opposite, the experience and the story behind their jewelry is everything, they have pictures they have videos they have full texts. They give Castellane’s masterpieces the acknowledgment that they deserve.

In this link you see why Dior and Castellane’s jewelry is so special. This is the story behind the famous Rose Dior Bagatelle:


This is another very interesting article that WSJ wrote about her, definitely worth a read if you like her style:

Images via: Vogue, WSJ and unknown