Mood of the Day: Lady Gaga’s Engagement Ring


Love Love Love it! ❤


Initialed Pinky Rings, Yay or Nay?

Yay! The initialed pinky ring trend has been big in the men’s fashion world for many many years. This trend was rarely seen on women, but it has been 10882010_474952719312094_1181456205_nslowly becoming a “thing” in our fashion world. The first time I saw it was on Kate Bosworth’s Instagram account (image to the right); her husband gave her a pinky ring with her married initials on, really cute. I thought it was a beautiful piece of jewelry and a great idea as an engagement/marriage ring. From there I began to see it more and more, on covers and on fashion editorials.

I really love pinky rings in general but this initialed pinky rings I love the most. The pinky rings that I’ve seen so far are normally fine rings, the fact that this pinky ring is a bit chunkier makes it even more of a statement and special piece of jewelry. The chunky gold ring plus the initial also gives a bit of a gangster vibe to the person wearing it, which as I’ve said before I can’t resist. A designer that does initial rings that could easily be transformed into pinky rings is Jennifer Fisher.

  o-JENNIFER-LAWRENCE-VOGUE-900  ba16280b3d88a448536defc03f7f82bb

IMG_1499I took this photo of Cara Delevingne with a pinky ring from Love magazine

Style of Jolie… Yes Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is already perfect in so many ways: she’s the most beautiful women alive, her career and family are perfect, and she’s a wonderful humanitarian, yet somehow she manages to add something else to her resume…. Jewelry designer!

Two years ago she came out with her line Style of Jolie, an extremely expensive collaboration with the jewelry designer Robert Procop (who is also the designer of her engagement ring to Brad Pitt). What is amazing about Style of Jolie is the fact hat 100% of the proceeds go to her charity that builds schools for girls in impoverished countries. I don’t know whether I like the pieces or not to tell you the truth. I think that on her they look great, but then again I feel anything could look amazing on her. The pieces are simple but big, very much in your face. I think that for me to know if I like them or not depends more on who is wearing them and how that person styled them.

You can see the rest of the pieces here: