What’s New in the Jewelry World? Limited Edition Valentine’s Day Repossi

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Repossi came out with their new, limited edition, Valentine’s Day line today. Everything is fuschia! I’m not sure what I think of it yet, I feel I have to see it in person or see it on someone to have a better judgment on it. For now I like the Antifer heart ring, the Antifer two row round ring and the Serti sur Vide ring.

I think very high of Repossi. I believe that for a jewelry lover/ collector to have a full collection they must have at least one Repossi piece in their collection. But, with that being said I think that buying a Valentine’s Day Repossi is not so worth it. The reason why I say this is because although a few pieces of their new line are indeed very cool, the color is not easy to match and it is a color that you can get easily tired of. With the price of a Repossi ring reaching and exceeding an average of $3,000 a piece (depending on the ring obviously) I doubt you want to get tired of it or never be able to wear it!

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If you’re considering buying, I would personally go classic with a pink gold, black gold (black rhodium) or yellow gold.

A Must Know: Delfina Delettrez

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Delfina Delettrez is a very fun designer. She is one of the designers that you should know of if you like or are into jewelry. Her stuff is very unique and you can find it in boutiques/stores that are very high-end that always have the trendiest and rare designs like Colette and Opening Ceremony (wrote about these stores in an earlier post). I have a piece from her, the eye and the pearl earring, and it really just makes my whole outfit more interesting whenever I wear it.

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(All images via delfinadelettrez.com)

Mood of the Day: Cleopatra

Ancient Egyptian jewelry is one of my favorite styles of jewelry. The pieces from this part of history, using Cleopatra as the jewelry icon of its time, defined the way jewelry would be made and designed for thousands of years. Today many people, including me, still look back to this moment in time to get inspired and reminded of where jewelry can take you.

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