Mood of the Day: Tibet Adorned


I had never seen Tibetan jewelry before I wrote this post, but I find their jewelry to be so beautiful, rich with history and colors. In Tibet jewelry is and/or was used as: an amulet, to show your status in society, healing properties (like balance) and spirituality. It is used by both men and women. They use a lot of metal like gold, silver and copper; they also use a lot of stones like turquoise, coral, amethyst and amber. What is so special to me about their jewelry is that every detail has a specific symbolism, for example using turquoise symbolizes infinity therefore it represents the sea or sky.

I want every single piece of jewelry that I see in these pictures… simply breathtaking. Visit my blog board on my Pinterest to check out more images on Tibetan jewelry, they are truly fascinating.

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Mood of the Day: $3 Million Black Opal


This 306 carat black opal has been named the “Royal One”. This Australian beauty was being sold in Las Vegas last year for 3 million dollars after being hidden for 14 years. It is still not clear whether it’s been sold or not. Recently opal and black opal have become two of my top gemstones and I just wanted to share this magnificent rarity with you, definitely an inspiration.



Mood of the Day: Cleopatra

Ancient Egyptian jewelry is one of my favorite styles of jewelry. The pieces from this part of history, using Cleopatra as the jewelry icon of its time, defined the way jewelry would be made and designed for thousands of years. Today many people, including me, still look back to this moment in time to get inspired and reminded of where jewelry can take you.

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