Style of Jolie… Yes Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie is already perfect in so many ways: she’s the most beautiful women alive, her career and family are perfect, and she’s a wonderful humanitarian, yet somehow she manages to add something else to her resume…. Jewelry designer!

Two years ago she came out with her line Style of Jolie, an extremely expensive collaboration with the jewelry designer Robert Procop (who is also the designer of her engagement ring to Brad Pitt). What is amazing about Style of Jolie is the fact hat 100% of the proceeds go to her charity that builds schools for girls in impoverished countries. I don’t know whether I like the pieces or not to tell you the truth. I think that on her they look great, but then again I feel anything could look amazing on her. The pieces are simple but big, very much in your face. I think that for me to know if I like them or not depends more on who is wearing them and how that person styled them.

You can see the rest of the pieces here: